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Brooklands College

The next generation of football boot with a revolutionary click-in system allowing you to change soles to play on any surface.

Brooklands College

Finally, a solution for one of the biggest causes of road fatalities – lorries and busses turning into bikes in their blind spot.

Water Sterilisation Pump
Waltham Forest College

A system to provide a clean, reusable and closed water system for buildings in parts of the world where clean water is a major problem.

Food For Transport (FFT)
Waltham Forest College

Eat breakfast on the go? Take the tube to work? These new vending machines on public transport are what you’ve been waiting for.

Friendship Candles
NewVic College

These beautiful candles include hidden treats that reveal themselves as the candle burns down.

NewVic College

A new collectable range of global teddy bears, each one based on a different country in the world. 

Harris Academy Battersea

The ultimate platform for people to pay it forward and help other people who need assistance.

Harris Academy Battersea

The app that keeps you safe at night by letting friends stay in touch and know where you are.

VR Clothing
Tower Hamlets College

See how clothes will look on, before you buy them online.

Five-a-side Football Match Finder App
Croydon College

Organise a football game, book a pitch, collect payments and even find an extra player – all from the phone in your pocket.

Sir George Monoux College

The Smart Helmet that every cyclist needs to own. DailUrSelf automatically contacts emergency services after a serious accident.

Emergency Charging Booths
BSix College

Never run out of phone battery again with these new charging pods located around major cities.

Civil Cycles
Westminster Kingsway College

With these 100% recycled and customisable bikes the customer becomes the designer. For socially minded cyclists who care about their individuality.

Tracky Track
Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College

The thought of losing a child in public places fills parents with dread. This smart trackable necklace for kids means you can relax on your next trip!

Translator app

Supporting recent immigrants with translation support and English lessons on demand.

Speak To Me
Redbridge College

As voice technology catches up with science fiction it is finally time for the real-time, in-ear, automated translation device.

City of Westminster College

A running app with a difference. Discover the safest and most enjoyable routes near you! 

City and Islington Sixth Form

The fun way for groups of young women to stay safe when they go out. Tracklet is the smart bracelet that connects you to your friends.

Hackney Community College

The lock of the future – now your fingerprint is your key.

Neighbourhood Social Platform App
Norlington Sixth Form

The app to put a sense of community back into your neighbourhood.

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