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Meet the finalists!

Their hard work is done. Now it’s your turn to make a difference. Vote for your favourite idea(s) below.

Alec Reed Academy


A mobile app that helps to organise the imbalance between social and study life.

Smart Sole
Barnet and Southgate College


SmartSole is placed in your shoe and enables users to calculate and track the number of steps they have taken and the impact of their exercise more accurately.

Golf Angel
Brooklands College


A GPS chipped gold ball to improve your golfing skills by monitoring the speed and direction that it has travelled.

BSix College


An app that lets you know about any upcoming events you might be interested in, or that are trending..

Be Sharp, Be Smart
Christ The King Sixth Form College


A scheme for university students to gain vital work experience through teaching 15-19 year olds essential life skills that they wouldn’t necessarily learn in school.

Connect Safe
City and Islington College


A customisable badge which features a built in voice recorder that is designed to keep you safe in the event of an emergency. 

City of Westminster College


KeyLux the ultimate gadget to solve your key problems!

SJB (Safety Jumping Bag)


A new way of saving people in high buildings in case of fires or earthquakes.

Flash it
Ealing, Hammersmith and W London College


A mobile app that can be used to find out where someone’s clothes are from. Simply take a photo of the clothing and it will tell you where it is from or show you similar items.

Sir George Monoux College

BIC_College_0001_StGeorgeMonouxCollege_Voice activated_0002

A new piece of tech that recognises a safe word, and will set off an alarm if you are in danger. It will be wearable, but the device can also be removed and put in a phone case.

Tummy Yummy
Into London World Education Centre


Edible tableware – bowls, plates, spoons and much more made from organic fruit and veg.

Isleworth and Syon School


A phone case that has attachable camera lenses so you can improve the quality. It will also have a built in phone charger.

Leyton Sixth Form College


A clothing line that promotes positive messages in society by using different languages on eye catching products.

Taboo Talk
New City College: Hackney Campus


An app that allows females to have the opportunity of sharing their experiences. They would like it to create a platform where women can build on their self esteem.

New City College: Redbridge Campus


A chip that is installed into any device or item of your choice, which when pressed will let out a loud alarm to signify someone is in danger, and will send your GPS to the police.

Meal Shake
New City College: Tower Hamlets Campus


A drink made by a machine placed in gyms that gives you the exact amount of protein, carbs, and fats that you need. You can also decide which flavours it is.

Perfect Vision
Newham College


A new pair of glasses that can zoom in and out to provide the wearer with the perfect view.

Newham Sixth Form College


A pen that translates words to people who don’t understand another language. It would help foreign students who are trying to learn the language.

Plush Flush
Reach Academy


Little packs of cleaning items are left in public toilets for a cleaner and germ free experience.

Inter Education
St Angela’s Ursuline School

UPDATED BIC_College_0014_City_Islington_ConnectSafe_0002

A smart pen that suggests synonyms to replace basic words while the user writes – helping to improve students’ vocabulary.

Pick n Mix
Waltham Forest College 


A food app where users put in the ingredients that they have and received delicious recipes suggestions.


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